unicorn beetles

Do you like unicorn beetles? I have no idea why the little boys are so into it? Anyway, here is the pattern of unicorn beetles.(獨角仙) I google its name: rhinoceros beetle, xylotrupes dichotomus, allomyrina dichotoma. m..., don't know how to pronounce it in English.

If you ever seen my previous articles, then you must know the (sheep) yarn is suggest for no. 6 knitting needles. As usual, I use no. 3 knitting needle for making yarn toys. (80cm circle knitting needle, and DPN)

the orange body is on the right side, and the two wings are on the wrong side.
using the 3 needle bind off method to combine the body and wings' part. Don't pass over the previous stitch over the next stitch. keep knitting the row to the end, then you finish the body row 14.

Adding new yarn (the green horn)for the left horn. i-cord method, 3 rows, then bind off. Sewing the hole.

clockwise direction.

the first foot. stright line 4. picking 3 sts, i-cord method, 10 rows.

finishing the fourth foot.

the first pair feet: 10 rows
the second pair feet: 11 rows
the third pair feet: 12 rows

(click the picture to enlarge)